Why don't my link tracking stats and products sold section don't match my ledger?

First, let's define what those items are. Once you're logged into your Infusionsoft referral partner center, you will see several buttons, like shown below:

Link Tracking Stats: This is where you can create ads based on different advertising mediums like solo ads, banner ads, pay per click ads, etc. This will typically show you how many opt ins each ad has generated, as well as how many orders and subscriptions. This includes successful and unsuccessful purchase attempts, like declined purchases.

Products sold: This is a breakdown of what products have been sold during a certain date range. This includes successful and unsuccessful purchase attempts, like declined purchases.

Ledger: This is where you can see what your actual commissions owed will be during any given date range you select. Please note, commission date ranges that we pay out on, are up to the 15th of the previous month, paid on the 15th of the following month. Example: All commissions up to January 15th, will be paid on February 15th as long as there is a $100 minimum balance.

Decline: When a customer attempts to make a purchase, but is unsuccessful. This can be due to many reasons like bad credit card information, expired, wrong billing address, incorrect CVC code, etc. With debit cards, sometimes banks place restrictions on unfamiliar internet purchases, therefore automatically decline after multiple purchases or attempts.

Order: An order is any one time purchase. Anything not recurring is included here.

Subscription: A subscription is a recurring sale. Any monthly or annual membership is included here.


Let's take a look at a customer named "John Smith".

John purchases the SAN $1 trial, he then buys the $97 premium offer, and tries to purchase annual but see's an error page. His credit card declined. He hits the "back" button in the browser and tries again. Same result. He tries again, same result. Finally giving up on this, he proceeds to the members area.

In your products sold section, based on the example above, you should show:

SAN trial sold: 1
Premium sold: 1
Annual sold: 3

However, we actually only collected the $1 and the $97 from John. So in your ledger, you will only see the $1 sale and the $97 sale commission, because that's what was collected. You will not get commissions on the unsuccessful Annual attempts.

We know it's confusing, but this is how Infusionsoft works, and there isn't a way around it. We've talked to at least a dozen different customer service reps.

The only way to not show this in your referral partner stats is to manually delete any declined purchases or delete the contact record entirely. And we don't want to do that because if they purchase in the future, we want to make sure that sale it tied to you.


The only thing that matters is what the ledger reflects. Those are sales we've actually collected money on, and those are the sales in which your commissions will be paid upon.

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