My credit card was charged and I do not know why. What is it for?

When you purchase some of our products, you are given an option of trial, making a single payment or opting to pay in two (2) or three (3) installments.  If you chose the 2-payment-option, you were billed the first installment at the time of purchase and then billed for the 2nd and final installment approximately 30 days from the date of your order, and 30 days later for a 3-payment-option.

Our trials range from 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days depending on the product. After the trial period expires, you are billed the remaining amount based on said product.

At any time during the trial period, you may ask to cancel and we will 100% honor that. If the charge goes through before we are able to cancel charge, no need to worry because you are still within our 30 day money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund, and we'll be happy to comply.

Though rare, there have been instances when a double billing occurred. This is typically caused by a hiccup in the server, the "order button" was pressed more than once (by accident), 

If you see multiple charges, please know it was absolutely not intentional, and while we discover the majority of these during out daily accounting checks, some do slip through. Simply submit a support ticket and let us know that it happened, and we will cancel and refund accordingly.

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