What is the traffic coop?

Q: What exactly am I buying?

A: Traffic to your website. Not just any traffic though. The best converting traffic in the industry.

Q: Why is your traffic different or better?

A: Great Question. We only work with the best in the industry, but to leave the answer at that wouldn't do our publisher filtering process justice.

Before we even present a potential publisher with the opportunity to be a traffic provider within The Super Affiliate Network coop, we have a 9 point process for filtering potential clients that my behind the scenes traffic ninja (Jason Gazaway) has developed over the last 15 years online. This process typically eliminates 87% of candidates.

Those that do pass our 9 point process we then test their traffic on our in house offers. Typically ONLY one out of five publishers that make it to this point convert traffic to leads and leads to sales to meet our specification which then eliminates an additional 80% of potential agency traffic provider. (Remember, the more you make with our traffic coop, the more we all make…. It does us ZERO go to bring you traffic that doesn’t convert.)

Only for this final 20%, do we offer a limited "trial" with our agency. If they produce results like this:

(Click to view - then hover over image and click again to make larger) 

We'll extend their traffic to our members - i.e. you. Even at that we continue to spot monitor their quality on a daily basis to ensure the traffic we deliver to you is second to none.

To put it another way...

To source this quality of traffic yourself you would first have to have a time tested process for eliminating potential time wasting traffic sources. If you didn't have such a process you'd have to test ten sources to potentially find one that was test worth.

From there, only one out of the five you tested could expect to be worth of continuing a relationship with, and once finding this source you'd have to have the buying power to put on offer on the table to in bulk which could mean $1,000s to $10,000s per month per source.

Taking note that we have 84 quality publisher that have all gone through this rigorous process you should see the time saving alone being a client of the Super Affiliate Agency provides at you as a client.

Q: What kind of traffic is this?

We primarily deal in email newsletter traffic because our purpose is to bring you the most valuable marketing we can make available.

1. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), it's widely known that statistically, for every $1 invested in e-mail traffic the ROI is 44%+ (yes, 44%+) - see reference:

2. Our own internal marketing statistics mirror these findings. What ever media (traffic source) is supporting our multi million business is the exact same traffic we want provide to you.

So as a baseline email traffic is what our traffic is comprised of, however we've discovered through our own testing other email driven channels that out perform email traffic such as "thank you page" clicks, so...

So not only will you be getting email traffic, but additionally as our testing dictates, any additional email driven traffic that outperforms email traffic alone you can also expect to be included as portion of the traffic we send to you to enhance your results and increase your conversions even further.

Q: Am I going to get a ton of traffic from Egypt, Pakistan or any of those countries?

A: No. Of course not. If you read the Q&A provided above regarding how to source traffic then already see that filtering out such sources happens very early in our process.

As an internal coop, we only exist in order to drive high quality traffic to our members websites which will of course result in leads and sales. 

Further, to ensure that no "weird" traffic is delivered to you we have Geotargeting in place that only allows traffic from our top tier country list to ever reach your you, so there physically is no way that "crap" traffic could ever get to you through us.

Only traffic from these top tier countries are ever sent to any of our members sites: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland (90% of that traffic comes from within the United States)

Q: When will I be getting traffic?

A: After you secure your package and submit your link, you will be activated in our system to get traffic to your link. Our goal is always get your traffic running within one business week (we round up everyones link, and then press “go”).

Q: What's the difference between this traffic, Solo Ad traffic, like you teach about in the Profit Boosting Bootcamp?

A: This is better in my opinion - you're spreading any risk among many of our top publishers and not just relying on one ad/publisher. We always test our publishers to make sure they're sending quality traffic. Would you rather have your offer exposed to many lists or just one? With this coop traffic, you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket, and if there happens to be a poor performing vendor (very rare with our filtration process), you’ll only get a tiny percentage of your traffic delivered from that vendor. 

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